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Kathy is a phenomenal listener and truly hears what I am saying even if I have not said it out loud. She has challenged me to look deep inside me to find answers that I never knew were there and this has enabled me to move past what was precious stopping me and back into taking action and moving forwards. Kathy’s caring nature has always made me feel very supported in times of great vulnerability. One of Kathy’s super powers is her intuition, she just knows where to go with her powerful questions to get to the core of what is going on giving me unknown knowledge about myself that helped me grow in confidence and gain a clear direction for the actions I wish to take to achieve my goals.
Entrepreneur / Netherlands
Kathy and I started working together during the pandemic, and she’s seen me through my own personal pandemic from completely pivoting my business, to multiple family crises and personal crises. She keeps me moving forward, and most importantly, she helps me stay whole in the process. I can count on our sessions and her consistent support to be my guiding light. She’s cheer-leaded my efforts and reminds me of my inherent power. I feel stronger than ever before in the midst of one of the hardest seasons of my life thanks in huge part to my work with Kathy. She’s intuitive beyond measure and patient but don’t let her calm presence fool you- she challenges you to dig in to your discomfort and become a better version of yourself, all the while holding the most loving space for you to grow. I value our coaching relationship more than words can express.
Entrepreneur / USA
We had the opportunity in Filarmonia, during our online sessions, to have a virtual group session with Katherine Maichel. The session surpassed all the possible expectations. Maichel is a very well-trained and professional coach. Her speech was not only very assertive but also was full of a profound human tone. Many of the participants were very pleased and impressed with her session. They all referred that Maichel was what one could call “the perfect Coach”. Her musical background and her assertiveness and natural ability to empathize makes her a one of a kind coach.
Conductor, Filarmonía / Mexico
I was struggling with self-doubt and fears that were always on repeat in my mind. I had so many worries about not reaching my goals and full potentials. I was constantly challenged by achieving goals in my life. She helped me to realized that it was my own limiting beliefs were holding me back from achieving my dreams. After working with Kathy, I felt a sense of confidence and power within myself. Now I have reconnected to my soul-calling, gained so so much confidence and empowerment with my personal journey. I highly recommend working one-on-one with Kathy to changing your life for better good.
Entrepreneur / USA
Before the session I had high expectations because the work with Kathy really is inspiring and energizing. I started the session thinking that, and it was much more! The fluent conversation allows you to express different ideas regarding different topics that she covers with you to achieve a personal and creative progression. I left excited and eager to continue my artistic path. During our conversation I felt the innate desire to recover lost projects, one of these was participating in a festival, this illusion became reality and now I am producing a short film for it.
Film Maker / Colombia
KM Book Club is a unique experience in Colombia and very necessary for artists. I was able to open up and face fears, the fact of facing them at least is a gain. I was able to put tips into practice so as not to feel so anxious or nervous. I have been able to write more, and against all odds, I have participated in several writing contests. I have felt more comfortable with this side of myself. With the piano, I have been able to understand that everything is a process, and in this way, I no longer stress so much studying or making mistakes.
Pianist & Creative Writer / Colombia
The KM Book Club is a great way to work on certain aspects of yourself as a person and performer and allows you to discuss these ideas and thoughts with others. I benefited the most from the initial push this has given me to start thinking and viewing myself and how I perceive things from a different perspective when it comes to performing, teaching, and even in my personal life. I’ve started to implement small achievable goals that support the changes I’d like to see in myself.
Pianist / USA
In KM Book Club, the interactions are tremendously meaningful and friendly, with an informal and sincere atmosphere that opens the mind and spirit! Listening to the interpretation of each participant progressively, each set of chapters was accompanied by activities to practice what was read, thus we were building an environment of trust to share personal experiences. Communicate beyond fear, thanking for being aware of it without using it to limit myself.
Violist & Teacher / Colombia
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